Chemical Peel Certification

Become certified in very superficial and superficial chemical peels. Add this treatment to your menu and expand your ability to help your clients get healthy skin.

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Upon Completion

Understand the unique characteristics of enzymes and chemical peels as well as the difference between BHA's and AHA's peel ingredients

Upon Completion

Understand the difference between an enzyme,  very superficial, superficial, medium depth and deep chemical peel and when to use them

Upon Completion

Able to perform a skin analysis and develop a treatment plan using chemical peels, apply appropriately and offer post treatment skincare

"I never got a strong education in chemical peels in esthetics school so this workshop really helped me feel like I can add chemical peels to my treatment options. "

Monique, Vancouver Eshtetician

Chemical Peel Certification

Get your certification in very superficial and superficial chemical peels. 



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This workshop has been approved by the state of Oregon for 10 hours of continuing education. 


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